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Adrianus Timmermans: Professional Life Balancing Service and Scientific Expertise

Being a professional in the progression of engineering and self-Improvement experiences is what makes Adrianus Timmermans a valuable addition to your team.

There is a lot to be learned from the highlights of life, Adrianus (Adwin) Timmermans says. Here are some of the defining features of his character and life experience that tell us who he is and what he can contribute to your prototype testing program.

Adrianus Timmermans Is an American by Choice

A native of the Netherlands, Timmermans started going through the complicated process of becoming a resident of the United States in 2006, choosing opportunity over security. Like many other immigrants from northern Europe, he chose dynamic southern California with its multitudes of professional opportunities for engineers and its many opportunities for an active, interesting, involved life.

Timmermans is fully documented and not subject to visa restrictions. He is fully bondable, and his engineering licenses are current. He is a long-term resident of Southern California.

Adrianus Timmermans Is an Engineer

Completing his studies in Europe, Timmermans is a mechanical engineer with work experience in the Asian, European, and US markets with large automakers including BMW Group, Hyundai Motor Group, and Hyster Yale. Timmermans specializes in testing and validation of prototype vehicles.

Timmermans' choice of engineering specialty reflects his attitude toward the world. Timmermans is an extravert. He is open to new people, new technologies, and new ideas—as a testing engineer needs to be. He can generate contagious enthusiasm, grounded in objective facts demonstrated with both reliability and precision. He can take command in ambiguous situations and provide the facts that give everyone on the team the ability to proceed with confidence.

Timmermans has developed his intuitive skills as an engineer. He spends a lot of his free time building things, working with his hands. He is a Motorsport engineer. Timmermans is not limited to theory in evaluating new products. Timmermans generates practical, actionable insights.

Adwin Timmermans can hold a long-term focus while executing a plan step by step. He combines engineering precision with determined leadership. He makes plans, validates them, and carries them out with energy and staying power. He applies willpower where others might find reasons to change objectives prematurely.

Adwin can be an appropriately commanding presence on important projects. His ability to communicate possibilities that shift probability distributions that justify that one last test that makes the difference in the success of a new product makes him a valuable asset on any testing team.

Adrianus Timmermans is a Mason

Freemasons usually don't advertise their membership in their Lodge. Adrianus Timmermans didn't ask us to mention his involvement in Masonry here, but we felt it reveals something about his character that is worth knowing.

One reason Freemasons don't generally advertise themselves as Freemasons to the general public, of course, is that they are generally misunderstood. Freemasonry in the United States is about personal improvement, not about some kind of esoteric power. Masons meet regularly, usually weekly, to help each other become more moral, more charitable, more perseverant in their pursuit of living charitably and truthfully.

The other reason that Masons don't usually reveal their membership in their lodges is that the craft of Freemasonry encourages humility. Masons never ask anyone to join their lodges. They only offer information about their organization when they are asked. They do not impose their beliefs on others. They take care not even to appear to proselytize or to gain advantages through their membership. Masonry is all about becoming the best human being you can be.

The fact that Adrianus Timmermans is a Mason means that he has people who hold him accountable for living a decent and moral life. He meets with other Masons to study the foundations of their worldview and to hold his conduct up for review. He doesn't wear his Masonry on his sleeve but it permeates everything he does.

Masonry is time-consuming. It requires discipline. It requires focus. And its only reward is moral improvement. Timmerman's pursuit of Masonry says a great deal about the kind of man he has become.

Why You Should Hire Adrianus Timmermans

Adrianus Timmermans has the engineering education and experience to carry out automotive and transportation prototype development from design through production. He will honor his NDA, and he can facilitate development at any stage of the process: 3D modeling, machining, laser cutting, electronics and PCB, soft goods, CAD, and later prototype testing.

As a Motorsport engineer. Adrianus is no stranger to durability testing. He understands how engineering informs brand creation and can seize on unique opportunities in the design and manufacturing process that translate into market advantages in the finished product.

In addition to his engineering prowess, Adrianus Timmermans has become a great guy to have on your team. He has real-world interests ranging from racing to diving to a machine shop to keep him balanced off the job and successful engineering experiences that make him a driving force on the job. Contact Adrianus Timmermans at (contact points).


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